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Roasted suckling lamb

In order to enjoy a good quarter of suckling lamb, the first thing needed is the quality meat, therefore we use the best. This is the PGI -Protected Geographical Indication- suckling lamb, "Suckling Lamb from Castilla y León".

The kind of herd apt for the production of the “Suckling Lamb from Castilla y León” Specific Designation comes from 3 breeds: Churra, Castellana and Ojalada. Generally, the suckling lamb that enters our kitchen comes from La Ribera region and, occasionally, from the Arlanza region.

Suckling Lamb from Castilla y León”, for this, our lamb must come without the head and tripes and with omentum, weighing from 4.5kg to 7kg and no older than 35 days.

The suckling babies will feed only and exclusively on their mother’s milk.

For this reason, their colour is pearl white or pale pink.

A characteristic feature is its tender meat with little infiltration, intramuscular fat, very moist and with a soft texture.

Suckling lamb quarters are roasted in a wood-fired oven. Water, lard, lemon and salt are all the necessary ingredients for this delicacy.

Roasted suckling lamb is recommended to be accompanied with a salad consisting of only lettuce and onions.

We also offer, as an a la carte dish, our suckling lamb, in the Castilian Menu.