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Cold Starters

"Cecina" from León with Virgin Olive Oil
Assortment of Iberian Cold Cuts
Micuit Foie Gras with Apple Purée and Rustic Toast
Cheese Plattter
Iberian Ham from Guijuelo
"Ilustrada" Salad
Giant Asparagus Tips with Picual Olive Oil
Cod Flakes, Salmon, Peppers from Lodosa, Tomato Cubes and Green Olive Emulsion Salad

Hot Starters

Typical Dish from Burgos (Black Pudding, Chorizo and Peppers)
Grilled Burgos Black Pudding
Grilled Shrimp
Croquette Duo (Iberian Cured Ham and Idiazábal Cheese)
Cod and Spinach Crepe with Piquillo Pepper Sauce
Boletus Edulis Scrambled Eggs with Truffles
Grilled Octopus with Creamy Potato
Vegetable Rice in Guijuelo Broth
Seafood Paella (Minimum 2 persons) 20 minute wait
Sauteed Tagliatelle with Prawns, Octopus, and Squash Puree

Soups and Vegetables

Grilled Vegetables
Seafood Soup
Castilian-Style Soup
Boletus Confit with Grilled Foie Gras


Miranda Chacoli Hake with Leeks, Shrimp and Toasted Garlic Cream
Hake Casserole Horno de San Juan Specialty
Diners' Choice Hake
Pil-Pil-style Cod
Battered Cod "Cocochas" on Piperade Bed
Other fish in Recommendations of the Day


¼ PGI Roasted Suckling Lamb with Garden Salad
Serving of PGI Roasted Suckling Lamb with Garden Salad
Suckling Lamb Chops with Homemade-style Potatoes
Stone-Grilled Ox T-Bone Steak
Beef Tenderloin (Grilled or Sauce of Choice)
Entrecôte from Ávila
Beef Steak with Homemade-style Potatoes and Red Peppers
Ox Hamburger with Caramelized Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, and Puente Nuevo-style
Potatoes (recommended by the house)

We offer our diners the possibility of ordering our wonderful ¼ Roasted Suckling Lamb, straight out of the oven and packaged, to take away for your convenience.


Banana Tarte Tatin with Ice-Cream
Chocolate Volcano (specialty of the house)
Cheese Crème Caramel with Cranberries and Crunchy Almonds
Tudanca Puff Pastry with warm custard and cream
Lemon Sorbet
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
Lemon Ice Cream with Orange and Pine Nut Warm Sauce
Fruit Salad with Ice Cream served in a dessert glass Burgos Junket


A wide selection of young red wine, Crianza red wine and Reserva red wine from La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, white wine, rosé wine, Cava and Champagne.